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Flashback: Dem Councilwoman Won't Be Sworn In On Bible, Uses Dr. Suess Book Instead

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In January 2019, at least one Democrat was sworn in on the Quran instead of the Bible. That’s one thing. But to be sworn in on a Dr. Suess book is something completely different.

Talk about making a mockery of the system (and obviously, Christianity).

Is nothing sacred anymore?


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Kelli Dunaway has won a seat on the St. Louis County Council. Two more women join the council after tonight’s election…making the body majority women (which Dunaway seems to be celebrating in that shirt.)

AOC literally has no clue how anything works.

Need more proof? Okay, but you asked for it…

From The Hill:

The freshman lawmaker, who sits on the Oversight panel, stood at the witness table Thursday and raised her hand to be sworn in for a hearing focused on conditions for migrants families at the United States’s southern border.

In response to a tweet from MSNBC host and liberal commentator Mika Brzezinski questioning why the lawmaker was sworn in — a step taken for witnesses but not usually for members of Congress — Ocasio-Cortez maintained she was asked to make the move.


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MSNBC Mika’s tweet:

AOC’s response to Mika:

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