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Florida Reaches Troubling COVID Milestone as Omicron Batters Sunshine State

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In the coming weeks, it is very likely that our nation will see a number of coronavirus records being shattered, as the latest variant of the illness continues to spread swiftly throughout the nation.

Omicron, the latest mutation of COVID-19, is largely considered to be a milder form of the disease, with far less-severe symptoms in a majority of cases.  The issue with omicron is its contagiousness, and the possibility that it is not being stopped by simple cloth masks, which have become the more fashionable and frequent sort used today.

This has led Florida to a record number of new COVID cases after months of being a shining example of how medical freedom could lead to a well-managed crisis.

Florida hit a new record in the pandemic for the second day in a row as the state reported 32,850 daily new cases on Saturday.

Only a day earlier, with 31,758 new daily cases reported, Florida broke its previous record of more than 27,000 cases set in August during the height of the delta wave in Florida. The current surge is being driven by the spreading of the highly contagious omicron variant.

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The swelling number of virus cases created demand for COVID-19 tests, even on Christmas Day when tests were almost as popular as eating a ham or drinking egg-nog-like coquito, for some.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been insistent on allowing Floridians to manage their own medical risk in the Sunshine State, disallowing private or public vaccine and mask mandates.  For months, this approach worked beautifully, but it appears as though omicron’s unique attributes have taken a bite out of DeSantis’ claim to fame.

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