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Florida Set to Make HUGE Move Regarding Second Amendment

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When it comes to the Second Amendment, (and all of the Constitution, for that matter), there are few places in this country more invested than Florida.

The Sunshine State has quickly become the mecca of freedom here in the United States, as Governor Ron DeSantis takes aim at both government overreach and “woke” liberalism with an almost giddy enthusiasm as he goes.

Now, in yet another affirmation of the power of constitutional liberty, Florida could become the latest state to recognize a rather powerful interpretation of the right to bear arms.

Florida is set to become the 26th state to allow citizens to carry firearms without a permit under legislation outlined Monday by Republican House Speaker Paul Renner.

Conservatives and gun rights groups in Florida have long pushed to give Florida residents to ability to carry firearms with a permit, known by supporters as “constitutional carry,” but past legislation has routinely gotten bogged down.

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This year’s efforts are bolstered by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has repeatedly said he would sign a permitless carry bill if lawmakers sent it to his desk.

As the 2023 legislative session approaches, though, the Renner-led House appears to be taking point on getting the bill through the Legislature.

Mister Speaker was pleased with the progress.

“Florida led the nation in allowing for concealed carry, and that extends today as we remove the government permission slip to exercise a constitutional right,” Renner said Monday during a news conference, where he was flanked by a handful of county sheriffs.

Constitutional carry has become increasingly popular with Americans of late, spurred on no doubt by the recent uptick in violent crime that we see throughout the country.

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