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Florida's Top Doc Removed from Meeting Over Mask Refusal

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When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have often heard the mantra “follow the science”, repeated ad nauseam by any number of doctors, epidemiologists, and experts.  This is because COVID-19, like other viruses, behaves in a predictable and distinct way, an die can use math to understand the true nature of our risks, and to a fairly accurate degree.

But there are some who wish to ignore the science, and instead create arbitrary rules and regulations that don’t conform to the advice of the experts.

This sentiment turned downright silly in Florida this week, after one of the state’s leading medical experts was removed from a meeting for not wearing a mask.

Florida’s top health official was asked to leave a meeting after refusing to wear a mask at the office of a state senator who told him she had a serious medical condition, officials have confirmed.

Florida Senate leader Wilton Simpson, a Republican, sent a memo to senators Saturday regarding the incident at the office of Democratic state Sen. Tina Polsky, asking visitors at the building to be respectful with social interactions. Polsky, who represents parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties, had not yet made public her breast cancer diagnosis.

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Polsky told The Associated Press about the tense exchange with state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo that was first reported by the news site Florida Politics. She said Ladapo and two aides were offered masks and asked to wear them when they arrived for the Wednesday meeting. She did not tell him she had breast cancer, but said she had a serious condition.

Ladado suggested that the meeting could take place outside if it would make Polsky more comfortable, but she refused.

This begs the obvious question: If Ladapo is following the science, as he most certainly is, who is anyone to tell him he’s wrong?  This is the premiere expert on Florida’s coronavirus situation, after all.


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