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Foreign Student Pilot Gets Dragged From Aircraft. Here's What He Was Planning to do.

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A foreign student pilot in the state of Florida attempted to climb over a barbed wire topped fence and board a commercial aircraft at Orlando Melbourne International Airport in an attempt to steal the plane.

Why are we still allowing foreign student pilots to take lessons in this country? Seems like after 9/11 that’s a horrifically stupid idea.

Authorities say that around 2 a.m., part-time aviation management student Nishal Sankat parked his vehicle outside the airport and left it running while he scrambled over the fence near a hangar. He then climbed aboard an American Airlines plane that was undergoing maintenance.

Airport spokesperson Lori Booker told the media that an avionics technician was in the plane’s galley at the time, and saw Sankat’s shadow when the suspect boarded the plane.

“He turned around and said, ‘Who are you? Show me your badge,” Booker reported. She said the employee then told Sankat, “Get on the ground, mister. You’re in trouble.”

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The technician then grabbed Sankat and hauled him off the plane with the help of another tech. While one of them held the suspect down, another called the police.

But after being dragged off the plane, Sankat tore away from the employees and darted back toward the plane. He was soon apprehended by police, charged with attempting to steal the jet, and faces criminal trespassing charges and a visa violation.

Sankat is a native of the Caribbean dual-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, and entered the U.S. through Canada. He has been a student at the Florida Institute of Technology since 2014, has a Florida driver’s license and a commercial pilot’s license. But he is not licensed to fly the Airbus 321 he boarded.

Authorities used a robotic arm to check Sankat’s vehicle for explosives and then had it towed away. Sankat’s home was also searched and his electronic devices confiscated.

As of now, there hasn’t been a motive established for Sankat’s actions, but whatever they were, you can guarantee they weren’t good.

Let’s be thankful the guy was stopped before he had an opportunity to get on board that plane and hurt innocent people.

Source: TheBlaze

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