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Foreign TV Host Says Biden Is Sending a 'Coded Message' That He Has Dementia

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Love them or hate them, American presidents have always represented the strength of our nation. They stand as the symbol of American power in the highest office in the land, contributing to the perception of our nation as the most formidable and influential on the world stage.

But the often confused and disoriented 80-year-old currently occupying the White House is changing world perception as more evidence emerges daily that the president of the United States is not in full control of his faculties.

After Biden closed out a speech on gun control by exclaiming, “God save the queen, man,” on Friday, Sky News Australia host James Macpherson speculated in a tongue-in-cheek monologue that Biden might be sending coded messages that he has dementia.

“Joe Biden concluded a speech on gun control over the weekend by telling his audience, ‘God save the queen, man,'” Macpherson said.

“To which someone should have replied, “She’s been dead almost a year, man.'”

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“Why would an American president, speaking in America to an American audience, say, ‘God save the queen?” Macpherson asked. “Has Biden forgotten what country he’s in? Someone needed to tell Biden that Connecticut, where he was speaking, was New England, not England.”

The Sky News host said some have speculated that “God save the queen” is such a bizarre thing to say that Biden “must be sending coded messages,” while others believe he must be suffering from dementia.

“I like to think it’s a combination of the two. It’s a coded message telling us that he has dementia,” Macpherson said. “I guess he just plain forgot that he was at the queen’s funeral only a few months ago.”

“And what’s with the ‘man’ at the end of the sentence, like he’s an 11th-grade stoner? I can’t imagine how on-edge his team must be every time he holds a microphone,” he said.

Does Biden have dementia?

“This isn’t the first time Sleepy Joe has forgotten that a friend is deceased,” Macpherson continued. “Last year, he called on politician Jackie Walorski to identify herself at a conference one month after she died in a car accident.”

“A White House spokesperson said Biden misspoke because Walorski had been ‘top of mind.’ I guess the queen must have been ‘top of mind,’ too,” he said facetiously.

“America used to be exemplary, a model others sought to follow. They’re now a laughingstock. And worse? They did it to themselves, man,” the Sky News host concluded.

While Macpherson’s monologue is funny, we are not talking here about an uncle we see every Thanksgiving who everyone knows isn’t “all there.”

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From the word salads to the entirely bizarre comments, the inappropriate touching, the lack of balance, and the growing mental confusion, it has become evident to most Americans for a while now that the current resident of the White House is suffering from more than a little cognitive decline.

But when foreign correspondents start commenting on the dementia of the president of the greatest country on earth, it’s no laughing matter.

Macpherson wasn’t the only foreign media personality mocking the U.S. president for his latest bizarre comment.

Nile Gardiner, a former aide to the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, shared the “God save the queen, man” video on Twitter and said, “Joe Biden fully in charge of his faculties.”

While the teasing and mockery from our allies are humiliating enough, what we cannot see is the damage this show of weakness and confusion is doing among our enemies.

Countries such as China have no respect for weakness, and it is very plausible that behind closed doors, they see Biden’s weak and confused appearance as more than a time to mock — they see it as a time to act.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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