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Former Conservative Bill Kristol Declares 'We Are All Democrats Now' After Trump Nears Acquittal

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You’d have to imagine that most “Never Trumpers” have stopped with the Trump-bashing nonsense. They can probably recognize that President Trump has performed extraordinary well as commander-in-chief, despite some off-color tweets that might not be to their liking.

Not Bill Kristol, though. The former conservative continues to go against POTUS with a passion that burns with the fire of a thousand suns. The guy just will not quit.

On Saturday night, Bill shot off a tweet that has conservatives across the country shaking their heads in dismay.

From Daily Caller:

Political pundit Bill Kristol tweeted “we are all Democrats now” on Saturday, drawing strong reactions from Trump supporters all over the internet.

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To say that Elizabeth Warren, a radically far-left Democrat who lied her entire professional career by claiming she was Indian, would be better for America than a man who has overseen record-low unemployment and a booming economy, is about as ridiculous as it gets.

But for some reason, you have to think Kristol is serious. He has lost his way bigly. And it’s sad to see.


I very much prefer Biden or Buttigieg or Bloomberg or Klobuchar to Warren. But the idea that one term of Warren would pose anything like the threat of a second term for Trump to the basic norms and institutions of our liberal democracy, including to free markets, is laughable.


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