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Former Dodger Slugged as Baseball Diamond Devolves Into an All-Out Brawl

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A former Los Angeles Dodgers player who had a reputation for getting physical with opponents in Major League Baseball was in the middle of a wild fight in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League’s championship series on Wednesday.

Yasiel Puig was caught up in a bench-clearing brawl, taking at least one blow to the face, according to TMZ.

Puig says he was trying to be a peacemaker and only fought back after he was struck.

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The brawl grew out of a bit of showboating by a fellow player on Puig’s Tiburones de La Guaira (La Guaira Sharks) as they played Cardenales de Lara (Lara Cardinals) in the second game of the series at the University of Caracas Stadium in the country’s capital.

Maikel Garcia hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the eighth inning, giving Puig’s team a 10-8 lead. Puig’s team would go on to win 12-10.

Garcia rounded the bases but took his time going from third to home as he passed the opponent’s bench, exchanging words.

The fight started after Garcia stepped on home plate, according to the Sporting News.

As with all sports fights, there were words, pushing, shoving and then an onslaught of players from both teams to take some swings at each other.

The Sporting News said that Cardenales de Lara Carlos Narvaez was the player to swing at Puig.

TMZ noted that Puig played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians during a career that lasted from 2013 to 2019.

He was known for his grandstanding style.

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In a post on X, Puig thanked a fan who took his side.

“Thanks you sir. I no know what to do anymore- I do nothing, I keep everyone calm and from nowhere I get hit in head. But my agent shows all videos and yet I see now what they show back in USA somehow is me starting fight which is not true,” he wrote.

“I play today, i no get punished because I do nothing wrong. No man. Enough. I can’t anymore. Please stop. I not this guy you want me to be. Pick someone else already you have destroy me enough,” he wrote.

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“I bat over .400, hit a homerun every 9 at bat and I is taking my team to 1st championship in 37 years. But yeah, Puig trending for a fight,” he wrote.

A YouTube analysis by former Major League Baseball player Matt Antonelli tends to back up Puig’s claim of innocence. The Puig punch comes about the 5:10 mark:

Sports Illustrated noted that Puig has been involved in brawls before, both with the Dodgers and with the Reds.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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