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Former FBI Lawyer Suggests Trump in 'Substantial Criminal' Trouble

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Another day, another attempt to portray Donald Trump as unelectable within the mainstream media.

The constant cavalcade of anti-Trump sentiment that has permeated nearly all aspects of the media sphere in America has taken a turn for the tawdry this month, as the National Archives continues to suggest that The Don was hoarding top secret governmental information at his home in Florida and suggesting that the former Commander in Chief is somehow a threat to our national security.

This, the “America First” politician who dedicated much of his first term in office to dismantling the Deep State. To suggest that he’s anything but loyal to this great nation of our would have you resurrecting the debunked RussiaGate hoax for the 4th, (or 5th?), time.

Now, one of the FBI’s former lawyers is taking aim at Trump too, suggesting that the Mar-a-Lago situation is more dire than anyone’s letting on.

Former FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissman explained in great detail why Monday was a momentous news day for the allegedly purloined classified documents retrieved from former President Donald Trump from his Mar-a-Lago home two weeks ago.

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In a Tuesday morning appearance on Morning Joe, the former FBI exec turned MSNBC analyst noted that one particular sentence in a New York Times report was “incredibly damning” for the former president and added that — if the reporting is accurate — the Department of Justice is looking at a “substantial criminal case” against Trump.

And then:

Weissman said of Monday’s headlines, “there was a lot of news; none of it was good for the president.” He then revealed that The New York Times reporting “I found most interesting because of one particular sentence, which is that several sources said that when the archives were trying to get documents back, it was the former president, Donald Trump, who personally reviewed the boxes in deciding what to return. That means he also decided what not to return.

Of course, Trump has yet to be charged with any crime and has denied any wrongdoing whatsoever, which could mean that this hyperbole is simply meant to tarnish the presumptive GOP nominee for 2024 ahead of any announcement he might make about running for office again.

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