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Former Football Player Busted for Hate Crime Hoax, Painted ‘MAGA’ & Swastika On His Own Walls

Seems like a great guy!

John Salvatore



It’s Jussie Smollett all over again, in a sense.

Another anti-Trump “American” decided to commit a fake hate crime in order to gain some attention.

This guy, like Smollett, was instantly caught in his lie.

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He should feel pretty darn silly right about…now.

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From 11 Alive:

A former pro football player is facing charges after allegedly staging a burglary and vandalizing his business, according to Gwinnett County Police.

Edawn Coughman, 31, was arrested September 12, 2019, and has been charged with filing a false police report and insurance fraud.


Other officers were checking the business and found the back door had yellow pry marks. Inside, the walls were spray-painted with racial slurs, swastikas and “MAGA.” The spray paint was still wet.


This is what happens when you do dumb things, kids. You get caught.

Actions have consequences. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

Cliches. But there’s truth to them.

You know. All that jazz.

Save conservative media!


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CNN Panel Mocks Biden for Now Claiming He Never Said South Carolina Was His ‘Firewall’

Video of the day??

John Salvatore



Former Vice President Joe Biden has an extremely selective memory, especially about things he says that happened or didn’t happen very recently. For example, the 2020 Democrat presidential nominee absolutely, 100%, without a doubt said that he viewed South Carolina as a “firewall” for his campaign. Then, in a recent interview, Biden looked a reporter in the eye and claimed that he never said it – that the reporter said it. He lied. He knew he lied. The reporter knew he was lying. And now, even a CNN panel is mocking him for it. WATCH: From Fox News: Biden had been heavily favored heading into the Feb. 29 contest in the Palmetto State. He has touted his support among black voters, but recent polling suggests he is losing ground among that demographic just days before the primary. […] Biden is tied for third (with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.) in total delegates heading into South Carolina. He trails Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and former South Bend, Ind. mayor Pete Buttigieg. But Biden expressed confidence while addressing supporters following his second-place finish in Nevada. If there is anyone who “doesn’t get it,” it’s Joe. It’s pretty clear from the constant gaffes and flubs and errors and unintentional racist remarks, that the dude isn’t playing with a full deck. Where Joe found the stones to run for president against Donald Trump is anyone’s guess. Biden could’ve sailed off into the sunset, himself and many members of his family a millionaire multiple times over. But some people just love the spotlight too much. When Joe’s team tweets something like this, it proves that they’re out of touch with reality. The tweet: Reactions: Biden, if elected president, is determined to undo everything good Trump has done. At…

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Bernie Knows Exactly What ‘Bernie Bros’ Are Up To, Report Says Campaign Is Advising Them

Well, ain’t that something…

John Salvatore



The legend of the infamous trolls known as the “Bernie Bros” continues to grow. And according to a new report, they are receiving their orders directly from the Sanders campaign. Here’s what’s known, via Daily Wire: A new report in the U.K.’s Independent claims that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is well aware of what his army of online supporters — the so-called “Bernie Bros” — are doing online in his name, and that his senior staff are encouraging and, in some cases, even arming the “Bernie Bro” elite. Sanders came under fire for his supporters’ online — and, increasingly, offline behavior — ahead of the Nevada caucuses, after his supporters deluged officers of the Nevada Culinary Union, which refused to endorse Sanders, with abusive, harassing, and even racist phone calls, emails, and social media messages, and after Sanders delegates disrupted the Nevada Democratic Party’s annual convention, throwing objects at speakers, and forcing the party to have them physically removed. CONTINUED: Former Vice President Joe Biden, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have all attacked Sanders over Bernie Bros’ behavior, calling on the candidate to distance himself from the online mobs that rage against the Vermont socialist’s detractors, and calling on his supporters to eschew violence. This particular boxing speed bag is pro-American. That’s why he wouldn’t let Sanders hit him. In fact, it looks like ol’ speedy himself took a shot at Bernie. WATCH: Video of the day? Sanders thinks it’s wrong to deport illegal aliens for breaking American laws. Check it out, via Daily Wire: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told CBS News’ “Face The Nation” on Sunday that he thought it was “not appropriate” to deport illegal aliens that have broken the law and not shown up for court dates. WATCH:…

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