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Former MSNBC Host Says Hunter Probe Could Guarantee Biden's Reelection

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Well, this is a new one.

As rumors continue to swirl regarding Joe Biden’s potential reelection campaign in 2024, perhaps one of the most poignant issues left on the table is whether or not a Republican-controlled House of Representatives will be opening any investigations into his son, Hunter Biden, and the damning information discovered on his “laptop from Hell”.

While many have suggested that public and political revelations from such a probe could neuter the current President’s chances at reelection, former MSNBC host Chris Matthews is now, almost unfathomably, suggesting exactly the opposite during an appearance on “Morning Joe”.

Matthews said, “I think about history, and I look at the 50th Congress that came in in 1946, and it was called a do-nothing Congress, and this looks like a do-nothing Congress.”

And then…

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He added, “This leadership is a problem. I’m not sure they have a positive objective. I think if Joe Biden runs again, he probably will. He’ll run against the do-nothing House of Representatives, who they used to say back in that Truman State opened every day with a prayer and with a probe. And if that’s all they’re going to do is make trouble for Hunter Biden or whatever else, if that’s all they’re going to do for two years and the way they looked like that yesterday, that’s what they want to be is a troublemaking caucus, it’s going to help Biden get reelected.”

It’s hard to tell if Matthews is grasping at straws or if he’s seriously considering the idea, but, in either case, the suggestion is laughable at best.


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