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Former NFL Cheerleader Accuses League of Violating Her Privacy

The NFL’s troubles don’t lie solely between the hash marks these days.




A former NFL cheerleader is accusing the league of invading the girls’ privacy by trying to control every aspect of their lives.

Former cheerleader Bailey Davis, 22, told the host of a Facebook Watch show that the New Orleans Saints were utterly controlling of her life both on and off the field.

She went on to accuse the organization of shaming those girls who gained any weight. It was so bad, she said, that some days she would not eat all day for fear of putting on a few ounces.

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“Red flags were popping up in the beginning. We would have weigh-ins every month and everyone was so concerned,” Fox News reported Davis as saying. “You would not eat that day. You would not drink anything because you had to be the weight you were at auditions or you could be benched.”

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Davis also said that girls were so frightened of gaining weight they would sweat themselves in their hot cars before going into work. One girl even passed out in a hot car trying to lose a few last ounces.

“There was one practice where a girl sweated herself out in the car and she passed out and had to go to the hospital,” Davis said. “The director told us to get the ambulance to park on the side and no one would know.”

The pay was not very good for all the worry, either.

According to Daily Wire:

Was the slave-driving even for a well-paying job? Apparently not, given that Davis allegedly made only $10 an hour, so it’s a mystery why anyone would take the job. Davis claims that the cheerleaders were also required to keep up appearances at all times, maintaining outrageous beauty requirements out of their own pockets: makeup, nails, spray tans, etc. Broadly notes that the Saints had very strict guidelines on how the cheerleaders were to act in their own private lives.

“Everything was very controlled – even our social media. We couldn’t post semi-nude, nude or lingerie,” she said. “The big one – no fraternization. We couldn’t talk to the football players. We couldn’t follow them on social media. We couldn’t be caught where a football player was. I was told that was the case because they were protecting us. We’re supposed to just kind of hide ourselves and not be known by them.”

Davis noted that she was fired after the team found out she posted a photo of herself in a lacy lingerie outfit that was posted to her protected (not public) Facebook page.

“A day after the photo was posted, Davis said she was asked to resign,” Fox News said.” She said she was confused because she ‘shows more skin on the field.’ Davis said she didn’t resign because she didn’t think she did anything wrong to give her a reason to leave the team.”

Davis also claimed she was given no opportunity to answer to the charges the team filed against her.

The team denied the charges in a statement:

The Saints organization strives to treat all employees fairly, including Ms. Davis,” Leslie A. Lanusse, the team’s lawyer, said in a statement in March. “At the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum, the Saints will defend the organization’s policies and workplace rules. For now, it is sufficient to say that Ms. Davis was not subjected to discrimination because of her gender.

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