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Former Obama Officials Rips Biden's 'Reckless' Gaffes

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Joe Biden’s presidency has been marked by a number of distinct features thus far, some of which the world has seen coming from a mile away.

The most obvious of these traits is surely Biden’s proclivity for word soup, often coming in the form of gaffes or pure gibberish which often overshadows his message due to its pure absurdity.

Things have become so woefully bizarre that one of former President Barack Obama’s officials is speaking out against his boss’s former Vice President.

Former Director of Global Engagement for the Obama White House Brett Bruen declared Tuesday that Joe Biden’s “reckless riffs” and foreign policy gaffes “have unnecessarily undermined our standing and irresponsibly handed propaganda points to our adversaries.”

In an article published in USA Today, titled “Biden’s careless comments are hurting his presidency and diplomacy. He needs a reset,” Bruen took the president and his national security team to task.

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“I used to cringe when Vice President Joe Biden took to the podium. Despite all the preparation that went into an event and his remarks, as a staffer on the National Security Council, you never quite knew what he might say,” he wrote.

And it wasn’t all kooky fun, either.

“At times, his offhanded comments could spice up what otherwise would be a pretty boring policy address. Yet, there were other times, too many times, when it could veer into dangerous terrain,” he continued.

“The reckless riffs have continued during his presidency, especially when discussing diplomacy,” he wrote.

Bruen criticized Biden for remarking last summer on the “inevitability” that Kabul would “fall to the Taliban,” seeming to “give Russian President Vladimir Putin a tacit green light to take at least some Ukrainian territory,” asserting in Poland that Putin “should be removed from power,” and stating “his clear commitment of American forces to the defense of Taiwan, a major departure from our long-standing policy.”

Then, succinctly:

“How does such careless careening into crisis territory keep happening?” he asked. “Biden bears the lion share of blame for his ill-considered improvisation.”

Biden’s worrisome wordiness will undoubtedly continue, (as it has for decades), leaving many to wonder if he’ll still be fit to run again in 2024 as he has claimed on numerous occasions.

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