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Former Trump Chief of Staff Facing Sustained Pressure from Jan 6 Committee

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Former President Donald Trump has had little luck attempting to convince the court system that he still maintains executive privilege over the things he said and did while in office, and these repeated legal losses are beginning to affect the way that his close confidantes are interacting with the select committee investigating January 6th.

The latest to feel the pressure is Mark Meadows, who once served as Trump’s chief of staff.  Not only has Meadows been directly targeted by the committee, but now lawyers behind the scenes appear to be prodding the Trump loyalist as well.

White House Deputy Counsel Jonathan Su sent a letter to Meadows’s lawyer, George Terwilliger III, Thursday morning notifying him that President Biden will not assert executive privilege or immunity over the documents and deposition requested by the House Select committee related to his client.

Meadows was subpoenaed by the committee at the end of September. While he has been “engaged” with investigators to negotiate the terms of his deposition and turning over of documents, the pace of these discussions has caused the committee to weigh more aggressive measures against him.

Meadows’ team fired back:

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Terwilliger responded Thursday by saying Biden “is the first President to make no effort whatsoever to protect presidential communications from being the subject of compelled testimony. Mr. Meadows remains under the instructions of former President Trump to respect longstanding principles of executive privilege. It now appears the courts will have to resolve this conflict.”

In an emailed statement he said Biden’s position runs “contrary to decades of consistent bipartisan opinions from the Justice Department that senior aides cannot be compelled by Congress to give testimony.”

Should these executive privilege arguments continue to find themselves thwarted by the judicial system, there are a number of former White House staffers whose subpoenas may suddenly appear far more foreboding.

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