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Former Twitter Ad Chief Rips Elon Musk for New Strategy, Gets Brutal Reminder from the Man Himself: 'My Apologies, You Must Be a Genius'

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A former Twitter executive took to social media to complain about how Elon Musk is running the company, but then, Elon himself entered the discussion.

On Friday, Musk posted on Twitter announcing a new strategy to fix the company’s algorithm to avoid bombarding users with pointless and irrelevant ads. “We’re taking the (obvious) corrective action of tying ads to keywords & topics in tweets, like Google does with search,” he wrote, “This will improve contextual relevance dramatically.”

In response, Bruce Falck, who was Twitter’s ad chief under the previous ownership, blasted Musk, saying, “I can confidently say this man has no idea wtf he’s talking about.”

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Falck, in essence, said that Musk had no idea how to fix ads on Twitter, and that the previous administrators would be better suited to undertake that task. He essentially accuses Musk of ruining Twitter ads.

But then, Musk fired back at Falck, saying, “My apologies, you must be a genius, which is why Twitter has the worst ad relevance on Earth.”

Musk’s tweet boils down to asking Falck, “If you were so competent in your handling of Twitter ads, then why is the company’s ad relevance so bad?” Many others agreed on social media that Twitter’s problem with ads is not Musk’s fault.

The whole exchange should have been a lesson in humility for Falck.

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This just shows how different the current Twitter administration is from the previous one. Elon Musk is taking steps to make real changes at the social media giant and to address the concerns that users have.

In addition to advertisements, Musk is dismantling some of the onerous censorship rules of the previous administration and has brought back several accounts that were unfairly banned before he took over.

He has also shown himself dedicated to company transparency, as demonstrated through the ongoing releases of the “Twitter Files,” in which Musk is exposing exposed the corruption of previous Twitter executives.

Is Elon Musk improving Twitter?

Musk is apparently dedicated to fixing the disastrous mistakes of the former owners,  making Twitter a better, safer, and freer platform for users.

Gone are the days when Twitter colluded with the Biden administration. Musk is clearly dedicated to making real changes that are better for both the company and for users.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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