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Fox News and Twitter Are on The Outs. What Does That Mean For You?

The attack on Carlson’s family at home was just the latest in a long line of aggressive maneuvers aimed in the general direction of the media and conservatives as of late.



Fox News

The current state of the mainstream media has been less than conducive to fair and honest journalism as of late, with pesky bouts of “facts” seemingly taking the air out of the liberal media’s sails.

Thanks to the power of the internet, and our ability as a species to communicate nearly instantly across vast digital universes, it has become much more difficult for the connivers and crooks at the top of the economic food chain to exploit us.  We are growing ever smarter thanks to our ability to learn on-the-fly, and the old schemes and scams are getting exposed at an exponential rate.

This holds true in the mainstream media as well, where our previous inability to see the world as it is in realtime crippled our knowledge base, and forced us into relying on CNN and others for the news.  Now that this is no longer the case, these networks have to compete with reality happening live on the internet, and so they’ve turned vitriol and sensational in order to sell commercials.  Remember, these are entertainment channels who only make money by driving viewership…and the best driver of viewership is conflict.

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Today, however, as the platforms that freed us from the mainstream’s grip on media begin to fall victim to the old-school biases, we are seemingly in an informational war…just like Alex Jones predicted…and the media figures themselves are now duking it out for the fate of free speech.

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Since last Thursday, Fox News has boycotted Twitter, presumably in response to Twitter’s tacit permission for users to publicize Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home address. Last Wednesday night, alleged activists from Antifa terrorized Carlson’s wife at Carlson’s home with verbal threats while also damaging Carlson’s front door.

As Mediaite reported, Fox News “regularly posts hundreds of tweets a day, and has racked up more than 400,000 tweets on its page. The Twitter account for Fox Business has been equally dormant, posting just one tweet in the past 24 hours.” Mediate quoted one source who stated that Fox News shut down its account on Twitter to protest the activists who mobbed Carlson’s home last Wednesday night.

The source continued, “[This] is a conscious decision in light of what was done to Tucker,” adding that Twitter was indifferent to requests to remove content that targeted Carlson.

The Blaze reported, “ … on social media, someone used the ‘doxxing’ tactic to reveal personal information about the host and advocate for more harassment. When this was reported to Twitter, they refused to take action, despite the fact that ‘doxxing’ is a violation of their user terms of service.”

The attack on Tucker Carlson and his family at home was just the latest in a long line of aggressive maneuvers aimed in the general direction of the media and conservatives as of late.


Businesses Should Require Vax Proof from Customers, Says NIH Director

This is simply unconscionable.



There have long been fears that this sort of discrimination was on the horizon, as the willingly unvaccinated become second-class citizens right here in the United States. With only about half of the US population fully vaccinated, (and largely by their own accord), herd immunity looks to be some time away yet.  Nearly 20% more of the population will need to wind up with COVID antibodies in order for public health officials to consider the pandemic to be waning, and a maximum pressure campaign is taking shape throughout a number of levels of government. During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dr. Frances Collins used his position as the Director of the National Institutes of Health to pressure businesses around the nation to enact strict vaccine-proof restrictions. Anchor Jake Tapper said, “Some businesses are going a step further and requiring proof of vaccinations not just for employees, but even for customers in some cases. Audience members for broadway plays and musicals need to be vaccinated. Some bars in San Francisco and D.C. are requiring proof of vaccinations. Do you think as a public health measure it would be good for more businesses to require vaccine credentials in order to have vaccinated customers?” His answer was astonishing. Collins said, “As a public health person who wants to see this pandemic end, yes. I think anything we can do to encourage reluctant folks to get vaccinated because they’ll want to be part of these public events, that’s a good thing. I’m delighted to see employers like Disney and Walmart coming out and asking their staff to be vaccinated. I’m glad to see the president has said all federal employees. I oversee NIH. With 40,000 people need to get vaccinated or if they’re not to get regular testing which is inconvenient. All of…

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Unrepentant YouTube Decides to Suspend Mainstream News Channel Over ‘Misinformation’

The barons of the Information Revolution are no less corrupt than those of the Industrial Revolution before them.



There are concerns that the barons of the Information Revolution, much like the barons of the Industrial Revolution, are exploiting their content producers at an unsustainable clip, and creating a very dangerous bottleneck in the world of free speech. Given just how much of the internet’s traffic flows through just a few sites, it is imperative that we keep a keen eye on what platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are doing.  They are the new gatekeepers of nearly the entire breadth of current information, and if they were to choose to keep us in the dark on any particular issue, it would be quite easy for them to do so. That’s why the latest news from YouTube is so terrifying. YouTube said Sunday it had barred Sky News Australia from uploading new content for one week, citing concerns about Covid-19 misinformation. The move comes after a review of posts uploaded by the Rupert Murdoch-owned TV channel, which has a substantial online presence. “We have clear and established Covid-19 medical misinformation policies… to prevent the spread of Covid-19 misinformation that could cause real-world harm,” a YouTube statement said. With 1.86 million YouTube subscribers, the channel — which is owned by a subsidiary of Murdoch’s News Corp — has a conservative following well beyond Australia. The mainstream media and the mainstream social networks haven’t always gotten their COVD info right, either, which makes their declarations regarding “misinformation” all the more laughable. Early on in the pandemic, these platforms pushed back against the possibility that the virus itself may have been a part of some sort of lab leak, even going so far as to censor any such discussion.  Over a year later, and as health experts began to suggest this yes, this was truly a possibility, the premature nature of…

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