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FOX NEWS: Disliking Globalist George Soros is a Hate Crime?

Soros’ actions are certainly cause for alarm, and no amount of political correctness can silence those concerns.



This is precisely the cancerous mutation of political correctness that we have been fearing in America.

For years, the democratic party in the United States has, along with their compatriots in the mainstream, corporate media, worked to divide our nation up by race, sexual identity, political affiliation, and gender.  They’ve created countless “-ism” communities that they then infiltrate as the “lone savior” of that particular group.  This galvanizes their support, and gives the liberal left an opportunity to tell their constituents that they are “special” and “different”.

Well here’s the fun part:  We are all “special” and “different”, so why such political pressure to keep us segregated as such?  The Constitution does say that we are all “created equal”…why must we discriminate at all?

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The left is finally succumbing to their own idiocies, it seems, as they’ve now made it impossible to dislike anyone who happens to be part of a target minority, regardless of the real-life actions taken by that person.

Such is the case of George Soros:  A reviled meddler in global elections who uses his incredible wealth to shape the world around him, all for the behest of his own bank account.

Soros is Jewish, however, and now, thanks to the instability of political correctness as an ethos, disliking his abhorrent political malfeasance is somehow anti-semitic.

Fox News is even in on the nonsense.

On Sunday, the network’s senior vice president for programming, Gary Schreier, released a statement denouncing what many people called an anti-Semitic trope used by a guest on Dobbs’ show earlier in the week.
The remark drew widespread condemnation when the episode in which it was made was rebroadcast Saturday, hours after a gunman walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and murdered 11 people in what the Anti-Defamation League called the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in US history.
“We condemn the rhetoric by the guest on Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Schreier said in a short statement. “This episode was a repeat which has now been pulled from all future airings.”
The comment in question was made by Chris Farrell, a board member of the right-wing organization Judicial Watch, during Thursday night’s episode of Dobbs’ show. During a segment about the
caravan of migrants moving toward the US’ southern border, Farrell called the State Department “Soros-occupied” territory, referring to billionaire and liberal philanthropist George Soros, one of the targets of mail bombs discovered earlier this week.
Soros is not being judged for his religion whatsoever here, rather, his lengthy career as an instigator and liberal kingmaker.  To assign all criticisms of him to the “hate crime” column is an affront to the freedoms that we have as Americans to disparage his acts of political sabotage.


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