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Fox News Host Questions if the 'Constitution Has Been Suspended' in Maui After Official Tries to Enforce 'Media-Free Zone'

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Fox News host Will Cain questioned whether officials in Hawaii had suspended the Constitution Monday as he reported on deadly wildfires burning in in Hawaii.

The death toll from the fires reached 99 early Tuesday morning with more people missing as fires burned for a second straight week.

At least 1,300 people are missing while countless others have been displaced, Forbes reported. Residents in some communities have complained about a lack of leadership and communication.

On Maui resident, a man named Etan Kawika Krupnick, pleaded with the country’s leaders to “prove” the devastated community of Lahaina matters.

Kawika lost his home in the fires, he told Cain.

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The Fox News host said in an X thread, previously known as Twitter, that he was having difficulty when communicating and that officials had told him no journalists were allowed in parts of the island.

“I’m in West Maui. Service is rough. Hard to post,” Cain wrote. “But we’re putting together stories of incredible citizens stepping up where the government has failed. And at Napili Plaza someone from the Mayor Richard Bissen’s office tries to shut me down saying West Maui is a media free zone. No sir, this is America.”

Cain added, “Right now I am nowhere near search and rescue. I’m twelve miles from Lahaina. How is the entire West Side a media free zone? Is it no longer America? Constitution has been suspended?”

In another tweet, Cain complained of “chaos and confusion” and said residents of Maui want to tell their stories to the media and are “unhappy with leadership.”

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“And inspirationally, they have stepped up. I just hung with two 29-year-old girls who’ve organized an airlift to the West Side,” Cain tweeted. “It’s stunning. Planes and helicopters landing all day to bring supplies better than the government. I just saw retired firefighters volunteering to distribute goods.”

Democratic Hawaii Gov. Josh Green told CBS News on Monday that police officers and firefighters are currently searching through fire-ravaged areas of Maui looking for the remains of those missing.

Green said they expect to find up to 20 bodies a day for the foreseeable future.

“They will find 10 to 20 people per day probably until they finish, and it’s probably going to take 10 days,” Green said. “It’s impossible to guess really.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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