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Fox News Poll Could Spell Trouble for Trump in '24

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With Donald Trump’s political future hanging in the balance of a number of litigious situations at the moment, there appear to be some doubts forming about his viability for election in 2024.

The former President has been endlessly targeted by the liberal left, in a number of schemes that the Republican Party has disavowed as political “witch hunts”.  Now, according to a recent Fox News poll, this plethora of bad press could be turning some against Trump’s reelection campaign.

During a discussion about the 2024 presidential election Monday, guest host Charles Payne noted that recent polling from Fox News found 58 percent of registered voters are not “glad” to see former President Donald Trump running again.

The segment kicked off with a discussion of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu’s (R) potential presidential ambitions.

“We’re talking about it. I get it. And we’re having conversations. But right now, my focus is really on New Hampshire,” said Sununu in a previous interview with the network.

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“Well, that was New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu telling Neil Cavuto about possible plans, his possible plans for 2024. This what, some new Fox polls showing a lot of voters aren’t looking forward to a possible Biden-Trump rematch,” said Payne before introducing his guest.

But, also:

The Fox News poll also showed 64 percent of registered voters do not want President Joe Biden to run again. The poll was conducted between Dec. 9th to the 12th and carries a 3 percent margin of error.

Trump remains the presumptive GOP nominee for President as of this writing, but is also the only candidate on either side of the aisle to have already announced their intention to run.

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