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France Lays Out Shocking Strategy for When Putin Uses Nukes

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We’ve reached the point in this latest nuclear crisis in which we’re almost joking about it.

Under our breath, our friends are saying things like “unless we all get nuked first…ha ha ha“, with that symbolic laughter being only symbolic.

Vladimir Putin appears rather desperate, and to top it all off, he’s ostensibly losing in Ukraine.  In fact, the only way the Russian army has remained relevant is through their use of terrorism and genocide, as well as a large shipment of military aid from North Korea and Iran.

And so, it feels as though it’s only a matter of time before Putin reaches deep into his bag of depravity and he pulls out an atomic apocalypse.

The world is preparing for this possibility, and warning Putin about just what could happen should he decide to travel this sociopathic path.

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For the French, the warning sounded a little more like a whimper.

France will not respond with nuclear weapons should Russia use them against Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron said.

“Our doctrine rests on the fundamental interests of the nation,” Mr Macron told public broadcaster France 2 on Wednesday.

“They are defined clearly and wouldn’t be directly affected at all if, for example, there was a ballistic nuclear attack in Ukraine, in the region.”

It was the first time Mr Macron has discussed France’s nuclear deterrence doctrine regarding Ukraine in detail, but he said it was not good to talk about it too much.

Of course, the French has a non-confrontational reputation to uphold.

US President Joe Biden, for all of his faults, at least suggested that Putin would be facing “catastrophic consequences” should he decide to cross that line.

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