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FRANKENFISH: Genetically Modified Salmon Clears Regulatory Hurdle

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When the arrogance of man is such that he seeks to play God, no good can come of it.

This is the sort of lesson that, time after time is proven to be true.  Whether it be in pop culture or in real life, the concept of man creating or altering life itself through advanced genetic and biological sciences almost aways ends in catastrophe.

Now, as we turn blindly toward the future, this same ethics lecture could be occurring verbatim at a salmon hatchery near you.

U.S. regulators on Friday gave the green light to salmon genetically modified to grow about twice as fast as normal, but the company behind it may face legal challenges before the fish can be sold domestically.

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The Food and Drug Administration said it lifted an alert that had prevented AquaBounty from importing its salmon eggs to its Indiana facility, where they would be grown before being sold as food. The agency noted the salmon has already undergone safety reviews, and that it lifted its alert because the fish would be subject to a new regulation that will require companies to disclose when a food is bioengineered.

The controversial Franken-fish still has other challenges to address before it winds up in your local supermarket.

The move comes despite a pending lawsuit filed by a coalition of consumer, environmental and fishing groups that challenged the FDA’s approval of the fish.

“We think a remedy in our case would stop sale of the fish before they’re allowed to be sold,” said George Kimbrell, legal director for the Center for Food Safety, one of the groups suing the FDA.

And, in another nod to Jurassic Park

The genetically modified salmon are raised in tanks and bred to be female and sterile, measures designed to address any fears that they might get into the environment and breed with wild fish.

Let’s just hope that the death toll from GMO salmon remains below that of the aforementioned film.

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