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Frantic Texts Reveal Don Jr. and Fox News' Concerns Over J6

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As the select committee investigating the events of January 6th continues down whatever path it is that they have chosen for themselves, there is sure to be plenty of surprise and revelation showering the American people.

This was an evens of great complexity, truly, and our understanding of what occurred on that fateful day is likely to evolve over time.

It now appears as though some prominent figures on the right wing have also experienced this evolution, having once emitted a frightened and frantic tone about it.

As rioters swarmed the Capitol, President Donald Trump’s eldest son pleaded with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to get his father to do more to end the violence.

“He’s got to condemn this [s***] Asap. The Capitol Police tweet is not enough,” Donald Trump Jr. texted, one of a series of messages Meadows provided to the Jan. 6 select committee investigating the former president’s effort to overturn the election.

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The text message was one of a handful described and released by the committee on Monday from the trove shared by Meadows that showed lawmakers, aides and even Fox News hosts pleading with Meadows to press Trump to take stronger action. After they described the messages, the panel held Meadows in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to testify to investigators. The matter now goes to the full House, which is expected to refer Meadows to the Justice Department on Tuesday.

And that wasn’t all…

Among the messages from the Fox stars:

— “Hey Mark, the president needs to tell people in the Capitol to go home … this is hurting all of us … he is destroying his legacy,” Laura Ingraham wrote.

— “Please get him on tv. Destroying everything you have accomplished,” Brian Kilmeade wrote.

— “Can he make a statement? … Ask people to leave the Capitol,” Sean Hannity urged.

The urgency of these texts appears to suggest that recent ambivalence to the events of January 6th is indeed an evolution of the narrative and not a feature of it.

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