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Freedom Model

The Freedom Model for Addictions Online – It's Time to Replace the 12 Steps!

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The Freedom Model for Addictions Online – It’s Time to Replace the 12 Steps!

 Did you know that more than 91 percent of heavy habitual drinkers (“alcoholics”) move past their habits to non-problematic levels as they grow in age? This positive trend occurs whether they get treatment for their problem or not. Did you also know that rate is 96 percent for opiate users and 99 percent for methamphetamine users? I know these numbers shocking to most who have always heard that no one gets over an addiction without some radical treatment or some form of external intervention or therapy. Yet, the largest valid studies conducted on the addicted population show that most heavy users figure it out and move on with their lives as they age and gain life experience and wisdom. But here is the kicker – this process of aging out of addiction naturally (with or without treatment and 12 step groups) can be a painful route nonetheless, and for a small minority of users it ends tragically. This is no small point. Knowing this, what if there was a way to tap into the knowledge and experiences of those who were successful at overcoming their personal destructive habits, and taking that knowledge directly to those still in the earlier stages of the struggle, thusly speeding up the process of natural remission? This approach has saved thousands of lives and averts a massive amount of misery and loss, and is being spearheaded by the researchers at The Freedom Model for the past 33 years. Because of the success in helping people move forward without the trappings of the treatment model and 12 step models, many see the writing on the wall – The Freedom Model will replace the aging 12 step method in the next decade.

Here’s Why This is Important

 The 12 step paradigm is predominantly based in myth. The idea that addiction is a disease that requires a spiritual psychic shift in the sufferer was the fantasy of a NY physician, Dr. Silkworth and his patient, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson. Wilson had no medical degree, was a washed up stock broker, and heavy user turned religious cultist. In the first flush of his newfound sobriety in 1935, he and the doctor formulated the underpinnings of a religious movement we now call Alcoholics Anonymous. While public opinion is that the 12 steps of AA “work”, in reality the powerlessness narrative coupled with its adherence to the false disease concept garners lower rates of abstinence than doing nothing at all. There are now countless credible studies that show the damaging effects of this 80 year mythology. It is time for a modern, scientific look at the problem, and a change from the faith healing of AA and other 12 step treatment models to a method that actually improves on the already positive results of natural remission.

When the book, The Freedom Model for Addictions, Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap was published in 2017, the world was introduced to a very different method; one that rejects the disease of addiction myths, the need to fear substances, and the belief that one must struggle the rest of their lives feeling deprived and lost while in a state of endless “recovery” from said disease and disorder. The Freedom Model text is now all over the world challenging this 12 step status quo, and their coaching model has allowed people the help they need from the privacy and comfort of home. There are no meetings or group therapy sessions with Freedom Model Online Coaching, or their other online program options.

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Deprogramming from the 12 Step Myths

Today, The Freedom Model Online Program and the Freedom Model Online Coaching service bring addiction-help out of the faith healing realm and into the scientific world we live in. While more than 50 percent of the people who enroll into Freedom Model Online Program or Freedom Model Online Coaching have never set foot in an AA meeting or rehab, many thousands have. Those exposed to the disease and powerlessness narratives go through a 12 step deprogramming module and find great freedom knowing that they can be just like the millions who naturally choose to move past their addictions every year. Now no one has to go through the addiction wringer or the treatment mill! Today, science has brought a new vision to the addiction-help industry, and its name is The Freedom Model.

For more information on The Freedom Model Online Program or Freedom Model Online Coaching or the Freedom Model for Addictions text, go to or call 888-424-2626.

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