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French Military Gives Police the Green Light to SHOOT PROTESTERS

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Historically, the French people have not been shy about passionately opposing those who they deem unfit for office, nor are they ever particularly far removed from the idea of another revolution.

Now, as Paris burns for the umpteenth straight week, French President Emmanuel Macron is discovering that a bloated government is a surefire way to get form c’est la vie to sacre bleu.

His proposed tax on petrol was so wholly opposed by the French people that massive protests began just as soon as news of the proposed tax hit the mainstream.  Macron, after weeks of violence in nearly all corners of France, finally took a step back…but it was too late.  At this point, the so-called “Yellow Vest” protesters had spent enough time researching the issues at hand that they were simply fed up with Macron himself.

Now, as the action intensifies, the embattled French President has given his military forces an irreconcilable directive.

Soldiers mobilized for Saturday’s planned Yellow Jacket protests will operate under strict instructions, but could open fire if their lives or the lives of civilians are threatened, General Bruno Leray, military governor of Paris, said Friday.

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Several thousand soldiers from Opération Sentinelle, a French military operation deployed following the January 2015 Île-de-France attacks, will be stationed outside numerous official sites during Saturday’s demonstrations — the 19th weekend of street protests by the broad anti-government movement.

In a later statement, Leray even went so far as to seemingly equate the protesters to “terrorists”.

“My subject is not a political one,” Leray said when asked whether the purpose of his rare public address was to warn nonviolent protesters to stay away from the demonstrations, which have regularly degenerated into violence. “The subject of the soldiers is to continue the fight against terrorism one day at a time, as they’ve been doing for four years.”

The populist nature of the protests in Paris and beyond may be a factor in the lax coverage of the immense civil unrest, with the corporately-controlled mainstream media hoping to quash any potential, similar uprisings elsewhere.

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