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Gen. Milley's Overstepping was Habitual, According to Witnesses

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Last week, Americans learned several shocking tidbits of information regarding the last several weeks of the Trump presidency, and it infuriated much of the nation.

The most prominent offense came from General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who was reported to have taken extracurricular actions to preemptively stymy any plans that then-President Trump may have had to either attack China or use our nation’s nuclear arsenal.

In the case of the China story, Milley was said to have made phone calls to his counterparts in Beijing, assuring them that Trump wouldn’t be launching any sort of strike against China during his final days in office.  Milley also made it clear that he would warn them if any such plan was coming to fruition.

This had Americans concerned, believing that Milley had overstepped his role and circumvented the authority of the Commander in Chief.

Now, a witness from inside the administration has suggested that this sort of behavior wasn’t abnormal for Milley.

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E. Casey Wardynski, a former assistant secretary of the Army for manpower and reserve affairs, claimed that Milley — who, according to the book, “Peril,” by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, called his Chinese counterpart twice to tell him that the US would not attack Beijing — routinely violated the bounds of his authority.

Wardynski said Milley and chief of staff of the US Army Gen. James McConville engaged in a “pattern of behavior” to thwart President Donald Trump.

“These kinds of behaviors and this willingness for military leaders to exceed their authorities and ignore authorities of the civilian officials appointed over them … positions under the Constitution and laws of the country was not something that came to them on Jan. 8,” Wardynski told Fox News.

And then, tersely:

“It was something that they had done for a while.”

Milley has so-far resisted calls for his resignation following the incident.

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