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General Flynn Gives Major Endorsement to QAnon Slogan

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In the realm of American politics, there has never been anything quite like the QAnon phenomenon.

The movement, which is generally described as a conspiracy theory, began when an anonymous poster began leaving cryptically worded breadcrumbs on some of the world’s most notoriously uncensored websites.  As the weeks and months went on, users began to create a detailed mythos around the posts, eventually landing on the idea that Donald Trump was involved in a secret war against The Deep State, and that “Q”, the anonymous poster, was someone in Trump’s inner circle.

And while Trump is no longer in office, (for the time being), the Q-world keeps spinning, even getting a ringing endorsement-of-sorts from one of the movement’s most revered figures.

 Former national security adviser Michael Flynn described the most well-known QAnon slogan as a “great phrase” while speaking at an event in Nashville, Tennessee.

Flynn, seen as one of the leading figures in the conspiracy theory movement, appeared as a main speaker at an “America’s Future” event hosted by the religious group Regeneration Nashville on April 12.

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While taking questions from the audience, one man stood up announced “where we go one we go all,” a popular QAnon phrase often abbreviated to “WWG1WGA.”

The phrase drew a standing ovation from most of those in attendance.

“Now that’s a great phrase, isn’t it?” Flynn said. “And they’ll tell you you’re a conspiracy [theorist], you’re all kinds of crazy. I mean…wow it’s incredible.”

The moment will undoubtedly reignite the Q movement, who have been somewhat disheveled after the inauguration of Joe Biden.

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