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General Flynn Predicts 'War' Declarations by State Governors

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General Michael Flynn, a longtime confidant and former national security adviser to then-President Donald Trump, has long felt as though America was headed in the wrong direction.

Then, when the debacle surrounding the 2020 election began to churn, Flynn was right there in the thick of it, hoping to assist Trump any which way he could.

Now, Flynn has a new warning about future of the United States, and it’s turning some heads.

Donald Trump’s onetime national security adviser Michael Flynn warned at an Arizona campaign event that governors may soon “declare war.”

He also said that “90% of federal agencies” should be eliminated.

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Flynn, as usual, wasn’t mincing his words.

“Just lock ’em up,” Flynn exclaimed, apparently referring to federal agencies he wants shuttered.

“States’ rights,” he added. “Did you know that a governor can declare war? A governor can declare war. And we’re going to probably see that,” Flynn warned.

His statement was being shared on social media as well.

Flynn will also be an official poll watcher in Sarasota, Florida for the coming midterms, as he remains well-entrenched within the MAGA Movement.

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