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GIBBERISH: LA Sheriff Claims Shooter Had 'Assault Pistol'

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There have been a cavalcade of attempts to vilify American gun owners over the years, as the liberal left consistently attempts to bring a culture war to a constitutional battle over the right to bear arms, but the latest nonsensical narrative shift has jumped the shark.

After a shocking mass shooting at a Lunar New Year celebration in Los Angeles, one local official would go on to to suggest that the weapon used by the shooter was an “assault pistol”.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna gave a press conference Sunday in which he announced the Lunar New Year celebration shooting suspect had allegedly used a “semiautomatic assault pistol” to shoot and kill ten people Saturday night.

There was a distinct attempt as buzzword association going on here.

AFP indicated Luna pointed out the attacker did not use an “assault rifle.” Rather, Luna said the suspect used “a magazine-fed semiautomatic assault pistol … that had an extended large-capacity magazine attached to it.”

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Luna also noted that the shooting suspect is dead.

Luna was either unable to unwilling to explain exactly what he meant by “assault pistol”, as this nomenclature appears to be novel to this particular incident.


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