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Gigantic Conservative Website was Just Permanently Banned From Twitter

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You have probably heard of The Gateway Pundit. The website has been around for a long, long time, founded by Jim Hoft, a man who has testified on Capitol Hill about social media bias multiple times.

On Saturday, Gateway Pundit was officially kicked off of Twitter for good.

Make no mistake about it: TGP was booted because it has a large audience, and with a large audience comes a decent amount of revenue.

This is the left’s way of attempting to further silence free speech, by way of restricting income.


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Now, this isn’t good. Twitter is clearly doing everything possible to get rid of anyone that doesn’t vote Democrat.

That being said, TGP has a reputation of not being the most reliable conservative site out there. That is definitely something to think about.

PS: If you ever head on over to TGP and see an article written by Joe Hoft, Jim’s brother, immediately skip over it because there’s a high likelyhood it is fake news.

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