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Girl Mocking, Harassing Elderly Kavanaugh Supporter Enrages Twitter. Until They See What Happened to Her.

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Over the weekend, hundreds of angry leftists protesters put Soros money to good use…er…showed up at the nation’s capital to protest the confirmation of and swearing-in of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Clearly fully expecting to somehow stop the confirmation process, the protesters harassed Republican Senators, tried to storm the Supreme Court, and, in one disgusting viral video, even accosted an elderly pro-Kavanaugh supporter just for holding signs up.

In the video, a young woman is seen dancing around, shouting at, and eventually snatching the signs away from an old man who has shown up to support Kavanaugh.

James Woods was among the many angry conservatives who shared the video over the weekend, disgusted at the young woman’s behavior:

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Woods’ followers voiced their outrage at yet another perfect example of the left’s lack of respect and tendency towards hateful violence.

The suggestion that law enforcement step in was apparently quite sensible, as that’s exactly what ended up happening to this young woman.

In a photo posted to Twitter later in the day, she was seen being led away from the scene in riot cuffs.

It is unclear whether or not she was arrested or just led away from the scene, but either way, law enforcement definitely acted fairly.

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Twitter was satisfied.

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