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Glenn Beck Eviscerates Planned Parenthood Over Mother's Day Tweet, Then Shuts Down Trolls With Total Class

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This past Sunday was Mother’s Day a time when children celebrate the special woman who bore them in the womb for nine months and then brought them into the world.

Pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood apparently doesn’t understand the point of the holiday, because they recently sent out a tweet to “celebrate mothers,” totally oblivious to the irony, seeing as how their bread and butter is destroying life and preventing both motherhood and childhood.

Well, conservative radio host Glenn Beck was having none of this foolishness. He replied to their tweet and utterly destroyed them, then with complete class and dignity, he shut down his detractors too.

Happy #MothersDay! Planned Parenthood is proud to celebrate mothers in the U.S. and around the world. We’re committed to fighting for a world where all mothers can live healthy lives, and raise their children in peace.

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This is like getting a Happy Chanukah card from Dr Mengle and ‘the team.’ #mothersday2018

Now here’s Beck tactfully handling trolls in a way that puts most folks to shame:

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Glenn, you’re the man.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest threats to our freedom and liberty is Planned Parenthood, and while that might seem like a strange and very strong statement to make, it’s true.

If we cannot protect the most fundamental, basic right — the right to life — for our most defenseless citizens — the unborn — how in the world are we ever going to preserve our other rights and freedoms?

The bottom line is, we can’t.

This organization is one of the most vile on the planet, not only murdering children in the womb, but profiting off of their death and dismemberment in a ghoulish business practice to line their own pockets with cash.

It’s disgusting on every level and is one of many reasons this group needs to be defunded immediately.

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