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Good News: Reports Say There's Been No Increase Of Detected Coronavirus Infections In Early-Opening States

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People all across the United States have been holding their breath, waiting to hear reports from early opening states about whether or not getting back to work and stimulating the economies in the light of the COVID-19 crisis would cause a surge in new cases.

Well, reports are finally starting to trickle in from these states, and so far, it seems the news is good. As of this writing, there have not been any significant upticks in detected cases in states that have begun the long process of reopening after being locked down for over a month.

Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

“The incubation period for COVID-19 could be up to 14 days, and that isn’t necessarily when people get tested by health care workers. It often takes longer,” said Dr. Marissa Levine, a former state health commissioner in Virginia. “So, it may be too early to make a determination.”

Others suggested we may have to wait for even more time to elapse.

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“Because there are substantial delays from the time of infection to reporting of a case, we probably need to wait about 3-4 weeks after the restrictions are lifted to start to grasp its effect on the trajectory of the epidemics,” said Gerardo Chowell, chairman of the Department of Population Health Sciences at Georgia State University.

It’s important to note that just because the economies in these states are starting to open, that doesn’t mean folks have abandoned social distancing measures. Lots of folks are still implementing these guidelines as they reopen their businesses in order to protect their customers and ensure a safe environment for workers.

“I think society will not necessarily run to the hair salons or the movie theaters immediately after the restrictions are lifted, but it may take people some time to regain confidence,” Chowell said.

Now, while the news is mostly good, the risk posed by coronavirus is still real. There was a new outbreak of the illness at a Colorado mushroom farm where 93 people were tested for the virus and 19 tested positive.

What this means is that it seems likely that more and more states will feel safe to open up and the data backs up that decision. Of course there will be new cases. We cannot stop the spread of this illness altogether. That would be nice if we could, but we can’t.

That was never the intent of the lockdown to begin with. It was to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by cases of the illness. We’ve managed to do that. Now it’s time to get back to work before the economy takes another big hit and goes down for the count.

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