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GOP Rep. Suggests Obama-Appointed Ukraine Ambassador Perjured Herself In Impeachment Inquiry

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As a member of Congress there are pretty much two things you can’t get away with: sleeping with a subordinate and committing perjury. Ask Bill Clinton. He failed the test on both of those.

California Democrat Katie Hill recently resigned after pictures surfaced of her inappropriate relationship with at least one staffer. She blamed Republicans for her downfall, but either way, she’s out.

It is now being reported that a Barack Obama-appointed ambassador, one that President Trump pulled from her post, has been caught lying under oath. Is that why Trump gave her the ax?

From Daily Wire:

Marie Yovanovitch, who was appointed to be the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine by former President Barack Obama, allegedly made false statements under oath during her October 11 closed-door testimony in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

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“Before the contents of the whistleblower complaint were known publicly, a Democratic congressional staffer contact the former American ambassador to Ukraine to discuss what the staffer described as ‘quite delicate and time sensitive questions,’” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exclusively reported.


Tucker Carlson reports that it appears as though Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, perjured herself under oath, according to new email evidence

From Rep. Lee Zeldin (NY):

It appears Ambassador Yovanovitch did not accurately answer this question I asked her during her “impeachment inquiry” deposition under oath.

Stay tuned for more.

This is a big one…

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