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Graham Claims Biden Administration is Lying About Americans Remaining in Afghanistan

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There are very few Americans out there who are satisfied with the way that the end of the war in Afghanistan occurred, and who can blame them?

The expediting of the troop withdrawal from the Middle Eastern quagmire came after a twenty year effort to eradicate the terror-prone Taliban, who would just wind up taking the country back over in eleven days.  And, to make matters worse, their explosive blitzkrieg was so intense that the American forces remaining at the Kabul airport were forced to evacuate before they were able to evacuate every American that wanted to leave the country.

Now, the Biden administration is claiming that they’ll continue to evacuate folks via diplomatic channels, but not everyone in Congress thinks that they can be taken at their word.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) charged Tuesday that the Biden administration was not being truthful about several aspects of the evacuation of Afghanistan — including the number of US citizens left behind.

“He knew that we were going to leave Americans behind, and I think he lied to us,” Graham told Fox News’ Sean Hannity of President Biden.

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“I think there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans left behind,” the senator added, “[and] tens of thousands of Afghans.”

Graham has been increasingly heated regarding the Afghanistan situation, even going so far as to suggest that President Joe Biden should be facing impeachment over his handling of the war’s end.

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