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Graham Draws Powerful Comparison Between RussiaGate and Mar-a-Lago Raid

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In the mainstream media this week, a new narrative is taking shape surrounding the raid of Mar-a-Lago by armed FBI goons earlier this month, but those who’ve been around the political block before are seeing a familiar pattern.

The raid, which saw the agency depart with several boxes of allegedly classified materials, has been the most salient news story since it occurred some two weeks ago, with the left-leaning media using the event to attempt to disparage Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election. They insist, without evidence, that the only reason for Trump to have left with these documents is some harebrained scheme involving foreign adversaries.

For Senator Lindsey Graham, it’s all beginning to sound a lot like the ol’ RussiaGate hoax.

From a recent appearance on Fox News:

Graham said, “This is the playbook of the Russia investigation where you read in The New York Times and The Washington Post about the investigation that all turns out to be BS. So what do I want? I want a special master to look at what was seized. I don’t trust the taint team. I want somebody outside of DOJ to look through these documents to see what is privileged, what is attorney-client.”

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And then:

He added, “Number two, I want the affidavit released to the American public. We are 80 days before an election, a midterm election, and we are going to be reading every few days in The Washington Post and The New York Times and other liberal media outlets about what is in these documents and about what Trump knew and what he did. If you release the affidavit, all of us can judge what is there or not there. So this idea of drip, drip, drip, 80 days before an election, we need to see the affidavit.”

The judge presiding over the request to unseal the affidavit has already warned the public that they may be disappointed in what, if anything, gets released in regard to the document, which seems to fall in line with Graham’s suggestion that this is all politically-motivated and conveniently-timed.

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