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GROSS: Offices Turn Dirty as Musk Lays Off Twitter Janitors

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The “genius” sheen of Elon Musk appears to be wearing off at this stage in the game, as his Twitter experiment seems to be failing, dragging Tesla’s stock down with it as it goes.

Musk spent $44 billion to purchase Twitter, only to turn around and suggest that it’s nearly time for the company to declare bankruptcy.  Now, in an effort to make ends meet, Elon is cutting as many corners as he thinks he can get away with, including in the custodial department.

Some of Twitter’s remaining employees have reportedly begun bringing their own toilet paper to the office as Elon Musk implements sweeping cost-cutting measures at the company.

Musk’s scramble to save money included a move this month to abruptly fire janitors who worked at the company’s San Francisco headquarters. The cuts came after the janitors had gone on strike for more pay.

The absence of janitors has “left the office in disarray,” with bathrooms that have “grown dirty” and persistent smells of “leftover takeout food and body odor,” the New York Times reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.

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The report said some employees are bringing in their own toilet paper because no janitors are on hand to replace supplies. Musk has purportedly packed Twitter employees onto two floors while shutting down four others.

Oh, and it gets worse:

The report said Twitter has missed rent payments on its San Francisco offices and stopped paying rent entirely at its building in Seattle, where it now faces evictions. The company also axed cleaners and some security staff at one of its buildings in New York.

Additionally, the Musk-led company has reportedly missed or delayed payments to some vendors, including account firm KPMG and benefits provider Carrot. Twitter’s new leaders are said to be aiming to renegotiate some of the agreements to lower costs.

One has to wonder just how long this can go on before Twitter and/or Musk completely implode.

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