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Gun Business Booms Amid Calls To Defund Police Forces Across America

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While radical leftists among the Black Lives Matter crowd continue shout ever louder and louder about defunding police departments across the United States, gun retailers are experiencing an explosion in sales. This, of course, is not surprising when you consider the fact that folks are going to have to start protecting themselves with less police presence out on the streets, should these folks get their way and strip funding from law enforcement resources.

This, folks, is exactly why we have the Second Amendment in the first place, and why we must fight tooth and nail to protect it from this same group of people who want to take that away from Americans too.

Guess we’re all just supposed to hand over our goods to the criminals.

Here’s more on this from the Washington Examiner:

The increase in the number of U.S. citizens submitting background checks for approval to arm themselves began in March, amid fears of a possible breakdown in social order generated by the coronavirus. The trend has continued into late June, with the civil unrest roiling American cities and concern about proposals to neuter local law enforcement, leading to record numbers of firearms purchases.

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“Anything that can cause people to feel unsafe in relation to possible physical crime to self, others and property can drive firearm sales,” gun industry analyst Rob Southwick told CNN Business, which first reported the news.

Mark Oliva, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said, “You’re seeing a reaction to people’s concerns about being able to provide safety for themselves and the ones that they love.”

The left just does not seem to understand there are long-term consequences for their actions. It’s all about the here-and-now with these folks. It’s unthinkable to give thought to how defunding the police might actually cause greater harm than help to the black community, as most of these areas in urban centers already have high crime rates and not enough police to get things under control.

Perhaps, to the left, these folks simply don’t matter.

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