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Gun Sales In America See Massive Spike In Light of Coronavirus Hysteria (Details)

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Because the mainstream media, Congressional Democrats, and liberals in Hollywood are seemingly doing everything in their power to keep tossing gas on the coronavirus hysteria, people around the globe are in a full-on panic.

Of course, isolation, getting laid off, or being sent home to work aren’t helping matters. As it turns out, this contagious disease is doing wonders for the gun industry.

From Fox News:

As stores around the nation are struggling to keep up with the demand for food, toilet paper and hand sanitizer, there is another golden commodity fast disappearing from the shelves amid the coronavirus crisis: firearms.

Over the past week, gun stores countrywide have seen long lines and a wiping out of inventory as unnerved customers turn to their Second Amendment rights in the bid for self-protection.

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“Firearms and ammunition sales are strong this week as many gun stores are quickly trying to restock inventory. There has been an uptick in inquiries for firearms training as families seek guidance on the selection, use and storage of a new firearm,” Robyn Sandoval, 45, executive director of the Austin-based “A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League,” told Fox News. “Law-abiding Americans want to have access to firearms during times of uncertainty. Families are social distancing and stocking up on food and supplies at home. The outbreak is creating a lot of anxiety in our communities. Families who have prepared at home want to be equipped to protect themselves from any looters or violence.”

And here’s even more COVID-19 randomness for your pleasure, via Twitter…

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