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Hacker Group Purportedly Leaks Enormous Cache of Kremlin Files

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The international community understands quite well what a formidable force Russia can be in cyber space, but this week it looks as though the tables may have been turned just a bit.

The abject buffoonery of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been astounding.  We once looked at the Kremlin with fear and angst, afraid that Putin may one day snap and take aim at someone, somewhere.  We almost believed that he could unleash his full arsenal and accomplish just about anything.

As it turns out, Russia can’t even keep the Kremlin’s computers safe.

ANONYMOUS is claiming to have leaked a trove of Russian files after allegedly hacking government departments.

The vigilante hacker group has apparently made good on a vow to infiltrate and disrupt the Russian war effort.

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The group got their grubby little paws on a treasure trove of information.

According to reports, Anonymous has breached Kremlin institutions and Russian companies in the cyber attack.

Their data dump includes over 200,000 emails from the Russian Ministry of Culture, which has oversight over censorship, archives and art.

They also hijacked emails and data from a state-backed oil and gas company called Aerogas.

Now the only question is what good will come of the leak?

The global community has been kept largely at bay in recent weeks, with Putin and his cronies continuously dishing out nuclear threats against anyone who dares to interfere in their plans for Ukraine.


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