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Handler Forced to Step in as Biden Begins Spilling Dirt on Hot Mic After State of the Union Address

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He wasn’t supposed to say that, was he?

President Joe Biden managed to fit in another blunder upon finishing his State of the Union address, just needing to remind everyone of his declining mental state.

The president was speaking with Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet on the House Chamber floor where the congressman congratulated Biden on a good speech, per The Hill.

Bennet was pushing the president to keep the pressure up on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over causing humanitarian issues in Gaza.

The commander-in-chief then let it slip that he had previously told the Middle Eastern leader they were “going to have a come-to-Jesus meeting,” telling the gaggle of politicians he was speaking to not to repeat that.

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An aide then quickly swooped in to inform Biden that he still had the microphone turned on, something he was seemingly unaware of.

Did Biden deliver a good State of the Union address?

“I’m on a hot mic here,” Biden replied. “Good. That’s good.”

Despite what the president said, it’s probably not “good” that his microphone was on when he said that.

Considering he told the others he was speaking with not to repeat what he said, having his words featured on national television and now being reported by countless news agencies would be the opposite of “good.”

But what could be expected anymore from this president?

The second his aides give him the slightest bit of wiggle room to appear as a functional, cognisant leader, Biden responds in kind by messing something up.

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Whether it’s saying things he’s not supposed to say, stumbling through speeches or walking around the stage lost, the moment his hand isn’t being held, a blunder will follow.

The most concerning part is that this is the man leading the nation.

The man who isn’t even aware when his microphone is on is the same man responsible for dealing with threats from Russia and China.

Insane inflation and a border crisis make sense when the most powerful person in the country would fit in better in a retirement home than in the Oval Office.

Regardless, gaffes like these may very well be the final nail in the coffin for Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

It’s hard to hide cognitive decline when it’s caught on camera.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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