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Harris Staff Shaken Up Again as East Wing Hemorrhages Aides

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From the very beginning of the Biden administration’s time in the White House, there has been a chaotic reality boiling beneath the surface, and this week the symptoms of the tumult came to a head once again.

After reports of bullying behavior surfaced within the East Wing, the nation has watched the departures of a vast number of staffers tied to Vice President Kamala Harris.  The turmoil has now continued will in the second year of her term, as more aides abandon ship.

Vice President Kamala Harris is losing two more top aides, the latest of a growing list of departures in her office since she assumed the vice presidency in January 2021.

Harris’ domestic policy adviser Rohini Kosoglu announced she would be leaving the office in August, and director of speechwriting Meghan Groob is also reported to be leaving after serving in her role for just four months, Politico reported. Groob had taken over for Kate Childs Graham, who announced her departure in February.

And these weren’t transient Harris helpers, either.

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Kosoglu’s work under Harris dates back nearly six years ago to her time in the Senate. She would serve on Harris’ presidential campaign followed by a job on the transition team before moving to the vice president’s office. Kosoglu said she is resigning so she can spend more time with her family.

Insiders within the Harris administration have complained about the Vice President’s leadership style, claiming that her immediate orbit is a bit of a hostile work environment.

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