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HAS PUTIN HAD ENOUGH? Russian Officials Head to Belarus for Peace Talks

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Russians officials truly believed that they would be getting comfy in their new offices in Kyiv by now, and the consistent failures of their military forces have forced Moscow to the negotiating table.

After days of being repelled in most major cities, and often by Ukrainian civilian commandos, the Russian military is treading water…or worse.  Ukraine has not only been winning the war in the streets, but in the global media, as tales of their heroism continue to dominate social media the world over.

Now, after losing well over 3,000 troops in Ukraine, Russia is looking to talk about a deal.

The Ukrainian president’s office has confirmed that their diplomats will meet a Russian delegation for peace talks – despite previously dismissing them as ‘pointless’.

Russia said earlier it was ‘ready’ for discussions after attacking its neighbour and has sent a delegation to Belarus.

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The talks are said to be taking place without precondition and on the border with Belarus, despite the Russian ally appearing to be readying itself to join the war on Vladimir Putin’s side.

The confirmation of the meeting comes after the western world imposed incredibly stiff sanctions on Russia, including vast “no-go” zones for Russian airliners and a vast removal of Russian banks from the international banking system known as SWIFT.

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