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Having A Rough Day? These Adorable Photos Of Chip And Joanna’s Baby Crew Will Turn It Around

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For fans of the effortless style, lovable family, and hilarious hijinks of Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, it seems like only yesterday that they made the announcement that they were expecting the fifth member of the brood.

Now, the littlest Gaines is already six months old and practically ready to shiplap his own nursery.

As busy as the powerhouse entrepreneur couple must be, Chip and Joanna still find time for a quick Instagram post or two to share heartwarming family moments, classic pranks, and now, adorable photos of baby Crew.

Chip shared this latest photo of Crew that will absolutely melt your heart.

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As if Crew himself wasn’t already the cutest thing on the planet, his daddy has him dressed in Carhartt duck bibs and a coat—yes, Carhartt makes baby clothes and they’re amazing—and he looks like he’s about to get to work!

Joanna shares the sweetest photos of their precious little guy, too, including this beautiful moment captured a few weeks ago:

Raising a little baby while you’ve got a farmhouse-chic empire to run isn’t easy, but the Gaines’ have the village it takes to get the job done.

As a true family business, it seems only natural that Baby Crew gets to travel alongside mom and dad. It seems pretty much guaranteed that this little guy will inherit his dad’s sense of humor, too!

Being a baby is a pretty exhausting gig, but catching a nap on mom’s lap is a pretty big perk.

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Doesn’t he just make you swoon?

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