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HBO to Release Biden Documentary Just Ahead of Midterm Elections

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When you take a step back, and you look at the larger political picture, you start to see all of the machinations of the big machine:  The one that drags DC into our living rooms and attempts to mold us into whatever Team R or Team D needs at any given moment.

And, as we look past The Beltway, we begin to understand that the engine of this machine is the mainstream media itself.  All of the power is there, truly, and they always get the finishing touch.

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, this is as apparent as ever.

HBO has timed the release of a new documentary on President Joe Biden’s first year in office to just three weeks before the midterm elections in what appears like the latest effort by Hollywood to rally support for Democrats and make the deeply unpopular Biden look more presidential.

In one indication as to how Biden will be portrayed, the documentary is being executive produced by far-left New York Times White House and national security correspondent David Sanger, who is also a frequent personality on CNN.

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The whole things gives off “infomercial” vibes.

Year One: A Political Odyssey is set to debut on HBO October 19 and will also stream on HBO Max. On Friday, the cable network released the first trailer for the documentary, which features talking-head appearances by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and former White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

The documentary is likely to suggest that Biden was somehow a “victim” of inheriting Donald Trump’s legacy, despite the fact that Biden’s approval rating has been historically abysmal throughout his presidency.

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