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HEAR IT: Video Depicts Strange Sound That Accompanied Havana Syndrome Symptoms

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Americans have long been fascinated with the clandestine side of international diplomacy.  The espionage.  The deception.  We’re all suckers for a good spy movie, in other words.

We spend a great deal of time imagining what sort of wild, global game is being played out just beneath the surface of the international political front, and whether or not we’ll ever truly know the whole story.

This is why we found ourselves so fascinated with “Havana Syndrome”:  A strange set of symptoms that appeared to be disproportionately affecting American diplomats, and largely overseas.  Many of us jumped to the conclusion that this strange phenomenon, which made our public officials ill in strange and lasting ways, was all a part of some other nation’s secret spy war against us.

Now, for the first time, a video that depicts a strange sound associated with Havana Syndrome has been released.

New audio posted by “60 Minutes” on Sunday reveals what the noise linked to “Havana Syndrome” sounds like to those who claim to have experienced the mysterious condition.

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Those who’ve suffered say it began after hearing this sound.

However, “60 Minutes” said listening to the audio, recorded by an unnamed former official, will not lead to any of the problems associated with the syndrome as the sound is a “byproduct” and not the cause.

The sounds in the video below can’t hurt you, but it is quite unnerving.

The CIA has concluded in recent weeks that a great many cases of Havana Syndrome were simply a matter of similar symptoms being lumped into the diagnosis, but that there were several dozen cases that still defied explanation.

Experts have largely speculated that the illness is being caused by direct energy or frequency weapons being aimed at our embassies and other sensitive locations.

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