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‘Heil Trump’ Outburst Came From ANTI-TRUMPER, Media Ignores

And then they have the audacity to ask why we call them “fake news”.



Donald Trump

The sheer volume of Hitler-to-Trump comparisons in 2018 has been both bewildering and offensive…but not to the President.

No, this President who is overseeing one of the greatest economies ever for American minorities, and who is single-handedly dismantling the racially-charged Clinton era prison policies, isn’t the recipient of the hate and vitriol of these lazy insults.  Instead, those affected by World War II, the Nazis, and The Holocaust are who should be offended.  This belittling of their plight is despicable beyond words, and ever more offensive as it exploited in order to merely score theoretical political points.

It’s inexcusable, but I don’t believe we’ll have much of an opportunity to stop it either given the glut of liberal lunatics who truly believe it.

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Now, as news spread of a man shouting “HEIL HITLER” and “HEIL TRUMP” during a recent performance of Fiddler on The Roof, the mainstream media seems to be ignoring one of the main points of the story and the outburst.

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The man who yelled “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump,” during a theater performance of “Fiddler on the Roof” this week reportedly said he made the statements because the production reminded him of his hatred of President Trump.

Anthony M. Derlunas II, 58, told Baltimore Police that he yelled the slogans because the final scene before intermission reminded him of how much he despises the president[.]

The excerpt above is from the Hill, the ONLY outlet I could find with a factual headline: “Man said he yelled ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ during ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ because of hatred for Trump.”

The far-left CNN and New York Times actually do report the truth about the man’s anti-Trump activism, but bury that truth beneath four and eight paragraphs, respectively.

The media instead allowed Americans to believe that living, breathing nazis were buying tickets to see Fiddler on The Roof merely to make obscene outbursts and spread their message of hate.  This is fear mongering, plain and simple, and certainly one of the reasons why We The People have consistently revealed through polling our massive distrust of the entertainment-bent press.


Joe Biden a Victim of Democrat-Style Elder Abuse

Outside of the U.S., particularly in Russia, China, and Iran, Biden’s accelerating dementia is more than obvious.

Jeff Davidson



“Democrats’ uncompromising lust for power and residual rage from their 2016 election loss is on full display through the cruel and immoral exploitation of President Joe Biden.” At the rate Joe Biden is declining, as evidenced by his recent spate of monumental gaffes on CNN and other video footage, along with his daily rambles, mumbles, non-sequiturs, and outright psychobabble, it’s anyone guess as to how much longer his handlers, his wife and family, and the sycophantic press can continue to provide cover for him.  Outside of the U.S., particularly in Russia, China, and Iran, Biden’s accelerating dementia is more than obvious. Even nine-year olds know. Wait, you say! Each day for a couple of hours, he gets to play ‘president of the USA.’ How can that be elder abuse?  Causing Harm to An Elderly Adult “Elder abuse is an intentional act or failure to act that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult,” based on guidelines from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “An older adult is someone age 60 or older. The abuse often occurs at the hands of a care giver or a person the elder trusts.” Are you listening Jill Biden? “Victims often have to decide whether to tell someone they are being hurt or continue being abused by someone they depend upon or care for deeply,” the CDC states. “Elder abuse is common. Abuse, including neglect and exploitation, are experienced by about 1 in 10 people aged 60 and older who live at home.” Home can include the White House. What are the harmful effects of elder abuse? The National Council on Aging reports that elders who have been abused have a 300% higher risk of death when compared to those who have not been mistreated.  To Exploit and Rule…

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Pelosi, Capitol Police Now Bickering Over ‘Orders’ to ‘Arrest’ the Mask-less

This is getting embarrassing for Nancy…



Thankfully, the latest COVID-19 stunt by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi only took a few hours to unravel this time around. Pelosi, who has been pushing the GOP’s buttons on mask mandates for months now, used the CDC’s recent guidance adjustment to bring the facial coverings back to the House floor.  This prompted protests from a great many Republicans, and Pelosi subsequently threatened to have the Capitol Police start arresting folks who wouldn’t comply. The Capitol Police were not exactly on board with that idea. A response from the speaker followed. Pelosi’s office said she did not order police to begin arresting people because it’s not within her power. “The speaker of the House does not control the U.S. Capitol Police,” Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill told Fox News.  “We were unaware of the memo until it was reported in the press.” The embarrassing incident comes amid a flurry of criticisms of Pelosi’s handling of the Congressional mask policy, and likely marks yet another milestone in the decline of Nancy Pelosi’s speakership.

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