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High Powered Investor Calls for US Military Intervention Against Russia

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The Russian invasions of Ukraine is just a much a military conflict as it is a geopolitical game of poker, and it is becoming ever more obvious that Vladimir Putin may be holding no cards of consequence.

The Russian military, at one point feared to be one of the more competent fighting forces on the planet, has been ineffective, indecisive, and frankly frightened in Ukraine.  They have taken perhaps one significant city, but have been repelled in a majority of the locales they’ve attempted to enter.

In other words, Moscow’s military prowess may, in itself, have been Putin’s first bluff.

Then came Putin’s decision to raise his nuclear deterrent forces’ status to “high alert”, placing the blame on “unfriendly” sanctions taken by the west.  In response, more sanctions came raining down upon him and the Russian economy, as citizens in Moscow and beyond began to empty their banks accounts and the Ruble collapsed.  These latest sanctions did not prompt another nuclear statement from Putin.

That’s bluff number two.

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Now, one of America’s most successful financiers is reading the writing on the wall, and, in recognizing Putin’s weakness, is calling for the US military to get involved.

Investor Bill Ackman said Monday the U.S. should consider military intervention in defense of Ukraine as Russian forces continue to advance into the country from multiple directions.

In a series of tweets to more than 400,000 followers, the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management urged President Joe Biden to start considering taking actions beyond economic sanctions if the conflict doesn’t resolve.

There was no mistaking Ackman’s sentiment.

“I hope Russia stops this onslaught, but I don’t see how Putin saves face. We need to be prepared for what comes next which means we need to start thinking about intervening military,” Ackman said in the Twitter thread. “Isn’t it time we set a real red line?”

“We can’t sit back and allow hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and perhaps millions to die. I don’t want to live in that world and you don’t either. @POTUS, it is in your hands. You can fix the errors of the past and protect our future. With all due respect Mr. President, the time is now,” Ackman said.

Ackman would later clarify that he wasn’t pushing for US troops to land on the ground in Ukraine any time soon, but rather that he’d like to see a “red line” reiterated on the use of nuclear weapons, with the Biden administration outlining a military response plan should Putin choose to walk that cowardly path.

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