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High School Girls Left Shocked After Male Coach Who Says He's a Woman Enters Locker Room, Bathroom: Report

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This is where we are now — state-sanctioned access to potential pedophiles.

God help every little girl in this nation.

The Epoch Times recently reported the story of a male tennis coach who identifies as a woman and who is employed at Gettysburg Area School District.

The coach was hired as David Yates but now goes under the name Sasha Yates.

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According to The Epoch Times, the name is the only difference between David and Sasha — a difference that allows him access to the girls’ changing rooms.

In 2022, David, who was working at the school as a tennis coach, reportedly entered the girls’ locker room where the girls’ soccer team was changing.

Yates also changed his clothes, stripping down to a bra and panties.

A school board member told The Epoch Times that it was evident to the girls that Yates was a man.

At this point, the board decided not to rehire Yates.

On April 12, during a softball game at Gettysburg Area High School, the 16-year-old daughter of Steve Carbaugh went to use the girls’ bathroom.

Yates entered the bathroom shortly after. This situation left the student alone with the tennis coach. Carbaugh’s daughter informed her father that Yates attempted to initiate a conversation. While this was occurring, the student sent a text message to her softball coach from the bathroom, relaying the incident, according to Steve Carbaugh, who shared these details with The Epoch Times.

Although the girl said nothing transpired, Carbaugh said that his daughter was “very, very uncomfortable” when the male coach tried to have a conversation with her alone in the women’s bathroom.

Carbaugh said that he dropped the matter because he was told that Yates would not be rehired for another season of coaching, but now, Yates is on the list again.

When a replacement tennis coach had not been found, Yates reapplied for the job and was rehired.

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“My job as a parent is to protect my child. And he had no business going into that bathroom, and his actions proved that he cannot be trusted. He went into a girls’ locker room and changed while the girls varsity soccer team was in there. They talked to him about it. And he went into a girls’ restroom facility. When is enough enough?” Carbaugh said.

Following the bathroom incident, some members of the school board initially advocated for Mr. Yates’ dismissal. However, a legal advisor cautioned against immediate action, suggesting they wait and let him finish the few matches left in the season.

Because, apparently, getting sued is worse than what could potentially happen to the girls.

The lawyer’s suggestion was to wait and not renew Mr. Yates’ contract for the subsequent season to avoid potential legal consequences.

But when the new season arrived, the same lawyer urged the board to reconsider hiring Yates for the same reason — they might get sued.

Earlier in August, the school board voted on whether to rehire Yates ended in a deadlock, according to the Gettysburg Times.

Another vote was scheduled for Monday.

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Meanwhile, in February, a Christian high school coach in a Vermont school district was fired for having a conversation with some students about the competitive advantage that male athletes claiming to be female have over female athletes.

In his interview with the Epoch Times, Carbaugh emphasized that his concerns are not driven by hate, but by his responsibility as a parent to protect his child.

He stated that Mr. Yates’ actions of entering the girls’ locker room and bathroom raised issues of trust and privacy.

It boggles the mind that the father of a girl who was forced to have a conversation with a man in a women’s restroom has to defend the fact that he does not think it’s safe for that man to come back around his daughter.

But this is where we are now, where coaches can get fired for simply discussing the impact of the physical differences between men and women but not for graphically displaying those physical differences in a female-only locker room.

Where the victims of violation are the ones afraid of being sued, and where a man can have access to a teenagers changing room simply by changing his name.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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