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High School Student Who Refused to Remove American Flag from His Truck Speaks Out After Major Win

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Schools in the United States have to stop inviting kids to do the wrong thing and admonishing kids when they do the right thing. This is especially true with regards to acts of patriotism or faith.

They accept kids who believe they are furries and encourage them to take dumps in litter boxes set out for them in school bathrooms. Yet, when a kid decides to drive up displaying an American flag properly placed off the back of his truck, a school finds this concerning?

It’s utter nonsense. Thankfully, Indiana resident Cameron Blasek stood strong. Standing up for what he knew was right eventually paid off in support from other students, as well as vindication from the school administration.

According to WCPO, the high school student had decided to attach an American flag to the back of his blue Dodge 4×4 over the summer. He then drove to school with the symbol of respect and freedom proudly flying in the wind.

He said, “The flag itself represents this country, this beautiful country that we live in. It also represents the people who fought their lives for it. And I think that’s a really hard thing to talk about, but I think it’s a big thing.”

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You would think this 17 year-old enlightened patriot would be given a medal for his incredible character. Instead on Thursday, he was told by a school counselor and vice principal at East Central High School to remove Old Glory because it violated school rules. He placed the flag on his truck in accordance with U.S. flag code, mind you. Obviously, he wasn’t a young man out to cause trouble, just to participate in the freedom of speech he is guaranteed under the Constitution.

Blasek was told by the administrator that it could lead to other students flying all different types of flags that could possibly offend onlookers. He was shocked.

He said, “Honestly, I was shocked,” continuing, “I read through the … 2023-2024 Handbook, and the word ‘flag’ wasn’t even mentioned in the parking lot or driving section. The only section it’s mentioned in is the flag-twirling section.”

Blasek refused to remove the flag. As word got around about the incident, other students came out in support of Blasek. They showed up at school the next day with American flags affixed to their vehicles, too.

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It forced the school principal to send a note home to parents on Friday, revising what was originally said by the school counselor and vice principal.

The principal’s note read, “I am pleased to inform you that we are allowing the display of the U.S. flag by students in the parking lot.” He was smart for addressing this as swiftly as he did.

In a letter to WCPO, the principal denied that they found the U.S. flag offensive in any way and justified this by indicating that they begin each day saying the Pledge of Allegiance. After an internal discussion, the administration agreed that they would allow the American flag to be flown off student vehicles but would deny that same privilege for other flags that may begin cropping up as a result.

In other words, they got caught with their foots in their mouths, and now they had to walk their disdainful behavior backwards without looking like fools. Too late.

This is still the United States of America. Unfortunately, our public education system has gone to the dogs on every level.

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There is no indication that flying an American flag is banned by the school handbook. Even Blasek’s father, Christopher Blasek, was surprised. I don’t know why he would be as public schools across the United States are pushing the progressive agenda as far as possible at every turn.

Blasek said, “I think everybody gets offended over something, that it doesn’t mean what everybody says it does. This flag represents our country and the people who died for it and fought for it. And I respect that with my whole heart.”

The incident has since gone viral, which includes more than 6 million downloads on the Libs of Tiktok X account at the time of publication.

“SCOOP: A student at @EastCentralHS in Indiana drove to school with an American flag on the back of his truck. The school reportedly responded by threatening to punish him if he didn’t remove it. After hearing what happened, nearly 2 dozen other students flew American flags on their vehicles, protesting the school’s decision! The school caved, allowing students to fly flags on their vehicles but said they won’t allow students to fly American flags next school year. Why do American schools hate America?”

Young people need to take a note from Cameron Blasek. This young man speaks well for our future. It’s nice to see a good story for a change about our youth, and it’s a nice reminder that all is not lost. We need more of these examples.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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