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High School Track Coach Fired for Not Forcing Athletes to Wear Face Masks Outdoors

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Unless there’s a dust storm smack dab in the middle of a competition, there’s absolutely no reason an athlete should have to wear a face mask. There’s really no reason to wear a mask, in general, but that’s another story, entirely.

Check out how this man was fired from his position at a high school for quite arguably one of the dumbest reasons possible, via CBS Local Boston:

PEMBROKE, N.H. (CBS) – A New Hampshire high school track and field coach said he was fired after refusing to enforce a mask mandate for athletes that he called “senseless, irrational, cowardice b—s—.”

Pembroke Academy track and field coach Bradley Keyes said the school informed him that athletes would be required to wear masks during all races and the majority of field events during the upcoming spring season.


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The guidelines were set by the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association. Keyes said when he asked the school if it was guidance or a mandate, he was told that Pembroke and the schools it competes against agreed to adopt the mask policy.

In a blog post on Saturday, Keyes urged people to reach out to the school to let them know they disagree with the policy. Keyes also shared an email that he sent to Pembroke athletics director Fred Vezina that began “I’ll come straight to the point. I will not put kids on the track and tell them to run any races while wearing masks.”


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